bookmark | railway station {TWB301}

bookmark | railway station {TWB301}


toowoomba railway station {location} 73 russell st {built} 1874 + 1902 {architect} f.d.g. stanley {style} classicism {general} built to replace a smaller building, the new building included a refreshment-dining room. in 1902 a railway refreshment room wing was added, a tea room in 1915 and dining extensions in 1920 + 1926 {heritage listed} yes {other} a wooden honour board paying tribute to toowoomba railway workers from 1914-1919 is located at the northern end of the station

  • Details

    210w x 50h, drawings on front and description on rear

    printed on 100% recycled paper and coated with a cello-glaze on either side


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